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Apedgi Technologies is a leading provider of learning solutions, software products and services in education segment.

We are totally committed to provide a new approach to education that fosters better engagement, interaction, and quality learning. We believe that through the delivery of leading-edge technology, services, and data capabilities, we can help you make an enormous difference in meeting your learners' needs and driving their success.



Anthology + Blackboard

Combining Best-in-Tech Solutions to Power Your Success Together, Blackboard and Anthology are creating the most comprehensive EdTech portfolio powering learner and institutional success.


World's largest digital credentialing platform leverages the blockchain technology to share and verify important documents instantly without relying on third-party service providers for authentication, thus not only making the entire process extremely time and cost-efficient, but also bringing unmatchable trust in digital transactions.


A live learning application that allows teachers to deliver an in-person classroom experience online. Class is changing the way the world learns by adding teaching and learning tools to Zoom for K-12, higher education, and the workplace.

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