Open LMS


Open LMS leverages open-source software to deliver an effective and engaging learning experience. As the largest commercial Moodle provider in the world, we help organizations and institutions with a suite of technology and level of customer service that allows for administrators and teachers to focus on creating quality learning and a robust learning culture and for students, parents, and stakeholders to enjoy learning and tracking learning results.

Open LMS is simple, adaptable, and customizable with additional innovations into a single place so our clients are able to easily build superior learning experiences anywhere , anytime.

Why Open LMS ?

Open LMS provides a stability of 99.9%, thanks to the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is endlessly committed to the Open Source community.

Open LMS lets institutions focus on teaching and learning rather than supporting technology. It also offers flexibility in supporting pedagogical approaches.

Through exclusive third-party integrations, every instance of Open LMS is unique to the institution making the learning technology a competitive difference among other institutions.

Managing varying learner preferences can be achieved by Open LMS’s flexibility in supporting pedagogical approaches as well as its ability to easily integrate with products like Ally to ensure 100% accessibility for all — no matter the expectation or need.

User Experience:

  • A truly Personal menu
  • Courses with personality
  • Simpler workflows with activity cards
  • Simpler editing and content creation
  • Branding with ease
  • Built with open source standards

A modern approach to online learning:

Teachers and students will have better tools to enhance online learning and teaching processes

Mobile use across all devices

Deliver an accessible educational experience for everyone

Increase student utilization with a simple, easy to use interface

Allow your teachers to build effective content and courses

Seamless integrations

SaaS cutting – edge Platform:

Open LMS is a proven, reliable solution that partners with AWS and offers a wide range of benefits:

Limiting infrastructure investment

Fast Migration

No Long Term Contracts



Reducing Time and Effort with Easy to Use Administration Tools